Creating value and money beliefs

I’m diving deeper into my money beliefs and I’m getting stuck. I’ve believed for a long time that money determines how valuable you are in society. The more money you make/have, the more valuable you are because you were able to create so much value that you got that back in actual dollars. I’m believing this lines up with what Brooke teaches too. Where I get stuck is when I’m not making money in my business and then I’m believing I have no value because I’m not making any money and if I had value, I’d be making money.

I know this is different from self-worth, but I’m can’t seem to untangle that. Logically I understand that because we’re here, we are worthy and that nothing we do/don’t do will affect our worthiness. I know I just need to make the decision to believe that it is enough. But my brain doesn’t seem to think that’s enough of an answer. My brain wants to use net worth/income level to determine who is more worthy. It still believes that smarter/wealthier people are more worthy because they’ve made contributions to society that are impactful and significant. The more I talk about this, the more I realize my brain is really deep into capitalism.

Are there any questions I should ask myself to help bring a different perspective to this?