Creating value in self for service pricing


I am a hairstylist and whenever I set my prices for my clients, I typically have a hard time charging a lot even though I am really good at what I do and have a ton of experience and really take care of them as a client. But, when they ask my price, I typically judge their pocket, then it’s about my worth and think something like “you’re not worth that, they will figure the real you out and be mad you charged them, go cheaper otherwise they won’t pay it.” I know this is not expressing my value, but it seems I am caught in-between two worlds. When I started in this industry 15 years ago, I used to refuse my tips – so I have come a long way, but that root is still in there. I feel it! Especially when people pay me and I feel this tinge of shame like I can’t accept your money. I just don’t show them that.

A few thoughts: People think I am really good and look at me as an expert – Inside I think they have no clue how many things I don’t know or guess at. (shame)
Friends think I should charge more – I want to but I am afraid to ask because deep inside I don’t see how I can because I find errors in my work all the time, plus this skill of doing hair comes easy for me.
I don’t deserve peoples hard earned money – I wouldn’t pay my prices.

I do not want to be a victim; these are just the internal thought battles that go on. I really want to charge more money…like the price that most people would gasp at. But I want to be confident in that and not gasp as well and negotiate myself down.

Any suggestions?