Curious if my niche is narrowed down enough

Hey Hi! If I understand correctly, I am due to start in February…. I have listened to loads of podcasts and I believe I have identified a niche…. A teeny tiny bit about me… Retired pediatrician, closed my practise about 10 years early because I found it utterly draining. After about 4 months in the post medicine void I recognized I was actually in burnout. (Duh?) Now… after lingering about on the lazy river in the post medicine void, I am ready to tackle something new…. that being to become a Master Life Coach… I believe this is the first step…. YES?

In the past few years I have lost 60 pounds and have not felt this great in a long long loooooong time.

My niche – women 45 – 50y; stressed out healthcare providers who feel trapped but wish to lose weight…. or so they think anyway, what they really need is to manage their stress and emotions, but they start by believing they will be fine if they just lose weight. Doctors would be my preferred audience but I know – like me, they would rarely admit to being close to burnout… not until they almost drop dead from exhaustion… So most likely nurses, and nurse practitioners; but I also know several PT and OTs that are utterly exhausted in their hospital roles.)

Statistically it has been reported that approximately 60% of physicians in the US (at the very least 30% of physicians) report burnout on a questionnaire… would they admit it and ask for assistance – I suspect not? Hence the burnout. I was one of them, except I am Canadian. Nurses and nurse practitioners wrote the book on compassion fatigue wish is similar to burnout in many ways, so I believe they would be interested and would be more likely to commit.

SO specific enough niche? Thanks, Not Dr Karen.