Day 1

I’m a certified coach and I’m starting a new coaching business. I’m making a commitment to clean up my thoughts everyday and post here everyday.

I’m currently working part time earning about 100k a year. My dream is to work school hours and school terms only as a coach and make $300k a year.

How do you think about money right now?
I think it is a means to an end. I think I need it to have the life I want. I think I want it to have the life I want.

Do you have enough?
No it’s never enough.

C: Money
T: It’s never enough
F: Powerless
A: Don’t bother creating money; tell myself it’s not useful to start my own business since it will never be enough anyway; always look for the “best buy” the “best value” the “best bargain;” tell kids, “it’s too expensive, we can wait until there is a sale.”
R: I create more evidence that there is not enough money around. I am not creating more money.

C: Net worth 1.1 million
T: I don’t have enough
F: Fear
A: Trying to hoard, trying to save, find the best bargain. Thinking there could be a catastrophe like my new business venture is going to flop and will therefore waste money. Finding reason to not do it.
R: I am not giving myself a chance to create what I want – which is a business.

Oh my gosh – such a revelation – what a scarcity mindset.