Day off


I am working on the “how to get it done” lesson this month. I studied the lesson and chose my goal on Friday, and did the first thing that I had scheduled on my calendar yesterday. I completed all the things that I wanted to do in the time that I had planned (which was amazing!!!). I had scheduled a day off today but the interesting part is that I started to feel anxious about not doing more business work today. Almost as if my primitive brain was offering the thought of being in danger because I was not working. Apparently having fun and not working is dangerous to my primitive brain (hilarious!).

As I was doing the model on this thought (I include it below), I realized that I am used to think that I am more productive when I work more but I cannot figure out why. I think this is so ironic because I was used to obey this thought but not really accomplishing a lot. Now that I did accomplish what I wanted to do, I think that I am not being productive because I am having fun and resting. I would like to investigate why I think this thought. I think it comes from a place of scarcity because I work full time in a Corporate Job and think of the weekend time as precious time for my business but I think there’s more to it.

I just don’t know where to go from here.

C: Day off
T: I should be doing more business work today.
F: Anxious
A: Think that I should not be watching tv when I have things to do. Think that I should not go for a walk in the middle of the day because I could be using the time for something else. Constantly practice the intentional thought “it is okay to enjoy a day off because I planned it this way”. Think of other things that I could be doing instead of sitting down and read a book.
R: Not able to really enjoy the day off