Dazzling new ‘flexible’ program

Hey Brooke,

I posted in Ask Brooke with my model and now I’m here to ask a Biz Q!

So, I’m switching back to business consulting for growing & established businesses after 7 years of business coaching and would love an outside perspective on how to ‘merge’ the coaching package model with the usual consulting fee structure.

In fact I want to create a 3 month package that I can individualise per client after their discovery session.

My discovery call this morning yielded 3 core challenges [he] is facing, so I’d like to tackle a theme each month and meet weekly to explore a different aspect of the theme [for example, he absolutely hates marketing, a belief that will block the flow of his business – and all his challenges are based on an inherent distaste for capitalism & consumerism]:

The structure would be..

Theme of the month –
Week 1 – One on one session via Skype for deep dive into the theme
Week 2 – Exercise one – email coaching
Week 3 – Exercise two – email coaching
Week 4 – Month in review – email coaching

How much detail of each week is best to go in the proposal? Do I keep it really top line?
How do I begin to explore and propose what results he can expect in exchange for his investment of $$$, energy and time? – what kind/ genre of results can I offer?
And how do you talk about results in the actual proposal?

Thanks in Advance, Stephanie 😍