Deciding if I should do it or not and when the right time comes?

Currently, I am planning for 2020. I am an illustrator and I am in Self Coaching Scholars for one year In January.
I want to make a living from my illustration work.
With my illustrations, I provide a lot of value and I do not doubt that I am a very good illustrator.
Where I need to work on is the marketing and sales part.
This year I already made a lot of progress, but my income from my illustrations is yet too low to make a living from it.
So my challenge for 2020 continues.

I am very enthusiastic about Life Coach School and how much it has already helped me.
I know that later in life I want to be a life coach in addition to being an illustrator.
I am already making some work combining illustration and topics of self coaching.
And I am playing around with the thought if I should communicate that I am a life coach.
I feel that it confuses my target group, so I am thinking about trying a new channel/project separated from my other work.

But, since know that I often struggle with overwhelm and anxiety I hesitate and I am insecure.
I don’t want to regret that I didn’t do something that feels right to me, but I don’t want to increase the possibility of just having too much to process in my mind …

What would Brooke do in this situation?