Deciding on my niche

I have been thinking about my niche. Midlife women, sole income earner, single/divorced who has no kids or had kids late in life. I noticed there is no one talking to these women, as I am one of them. Midlife coaches address a lot of empty nest syndrome, women having trouble in their marriages, change in the relationship with their grown up kids, and I am not going through that right now and not soon as I had my daughter when I was 40.

Many women nowadays are having kids later or no kids. Our problems are different. I am the breadwinner. I worry about my daughter having to take care of me early in her life. I prioritize my health and put a lot of emphasis on living longer, staying young. It’s not in my mind right now, but I’ll definitely want to find a partner, so getting back to dating will be in the picture. I want to have the energy to do stuff with her while I also focus on my career and do all the things I want to do. The responsibility is all on me. Most of us expected to be ahead of the game when we hit midlife but ended up being not where we expected. This causes a lot of issues with self-confidence, choosing to play small, staying stagnant and stuck, not wanting to take risks and having self-doubt, not trusting our ability to change the situation we are in.

I want to help these women, as I am helping myself, to turn the game around and make things happen. The best is yet to come if we believe in ourselves and decide to take charge to create the future we want. It’s never too late. I thought of using something like the power of the 3 Es…. Empowered, emboldened, energized. This would be appealing to women in my situation, as it is to me.

Do you find this too specific? I would appreciate some feedback about this niche and if what I am thinking is making sense. I’m finding it hard to get this niche in few words.

Another thing that makes me hesitant is that I currently don’t know about menopause. I want to be addressing getting unstuck, getting things done, time management, self-confidence, the relationship with yourself, failing forward, who you are being x who you want to be (future self)… all that is required for us to move forward and go after what we want.