Deciding To Be Prepared and Ready To Present My Offer

I want to create more trainings for my audience but my process for creating trainings is so tedious I resist those feelings and thoughts, which I know is a choice.

C: Ideas for a new masterclass on a paper brainstorm
T: I love where this is going, but I don’t want to put this all together and dig for more tools to finish this right now
F: dread
A: close notebook, don’t draft up the course, don’t decide what type of course it will be (class, ebook, guide), spend time thinking unconsciously about how I should know how to deliver to my audience, eat food, post on SCS
R: I don’t love where this goes and I don’t put it together

I have lots of great things to say but I have an internal belief that I don’t know how to say it so I have to brainstorm before I speak. I have to “get it right” by adding MORE, and it’s like I fear drafting this up and “leaving something out” as if it won’t be good enough if I do. And that I can’t redo this. Like, if I create a masterclass right now, I don’t feel I’m ready RIGHT NOW to decide I know what to say and how to say it.

I realize as I type that this is a choice and I can just decide the opposite. It’s also possible I never need another note anywhere and can just decide to speak now and create even MORE transformation BECAUSE it was unprepared. HELL NO! Lol, that’s making my ass sweat just thinking about hosting a class without preparing. Oh, it’s interesting I perceive “preparing” as brainstorming and writing a script. I am prepared!