Deciding what to coach on

I keep spinning on what program I should create. I have a target market, but I don’t know what problem they would be willing to pay for to solve and I have used self-coaching to solve so many of my own problems that I wouldn’t consider myself an expert in any certain area. I have heard different things like to just put yourself out there by doing a daily youtube or facebook live and see what people gravitate towards – a find your voice by sharing your voice approach.
I can also imagine Brooke saying “just decide on one and see if it works.” I guess I’m just hesitant because of all the work it takes to create a program or a step by step process that people could go through to get that result and I don’t have very many crazy result stories that I could really share that would convince someone that the solution of self-coaching works. I guess my thought is “my results aren’t impressive enough to warrant any interest.”
Anyways, just sharing what’s on my mind and would love the feedback.