Decision-Making around consultancy vs FT gig

I have an interesting decision to make around taking a FT job vs keeping my consultancy going, and would love some coaching. I currently have two paths I can take:

1 – I can keep my consultancy which I’ve had for three years. I’ve had a lot of freedom and some fun and exciting projects, but I haven’t made as much money as I want to. I know that I’ve chosen to not work as hard as I could and I’ve traded the money for freedom. I’ve done a lot of TW around this. I’ve spent a long time beating myself up about how I’m not working hard enough, etc., still lots to do on my money mindset, etc, but I feel like I’ve made great progress.

2 – The other option is a full-time job with a corporation and a big fat salary. I do not like working in an office, I do not like working for a corporation, I don’t like working full time on a regular schedule. I like working for myself, managing my own schedule and doing short bursts of intense work followed by rest. I know those are my thoughts, but I also know that the expectation of a FT job is more hours than I’m working currently, and, frankly, more hours than I want to work.

After thinking it through, I realize that my thought is that it’s money versus freedom.

And rather than make a reactionary decision based on just money versus freedom, I’d like to make a choice from a deeper place – a forward-thinking, or “future self” place of what do I want to create in my life and have in my life in the next 1 to 5 years.

I have done a lot of thought work around these two options, and I feel like I’m in a good place with both. I know I will have to do thought work either way, and I know that I win no matter what I choose, as both choices are great. But, I really want to make a decision about it from the perspective of what do I want to create in my life.

My goal right now is that I want to live Europe part time, and I feel like I don’t know how to proceed on making a decision. Any suggestions on how to proceed? Questions I can ask myself? Resources in The Vault?

Thank you!