Defining Value

Hi Brooke,
I was watching the Money lessons in the Assets section of SCS and you mentioned that if you want to create more money, then you need to create more value. This definitely makes sense and I understand it on an intellectual level. However, the part that doesn’t make complete sense to me is actually defining “value.”

Technically speaking, don’t we perceive something as “valuable” with our thoughts? If so, then isn’t “value” relative or opinion-based? I’m assuming the answer is yes.

So then, how do we know if what we create is “valuable” or not?

I have a blog that I’m trying to grow as a platform for my business. Do I just start off by creating something that I perceive is valuable and then use people’s feedback to gauge value?

How can I measure or define value more clearly so that I am overdelivering and providing massive value to my readers and future customers?

Your insight is greatly appreciated! 🙂