Delegating my power over decisions in business

I think I’m giving all my decision making power away.

C: Deciding my ideal client and/or target market
T: I can’t get clarity until I bounce my ideas off of someone.
F: Helpless

A: Don’t make big decisions until I run it past my coach first
A: Wait to decide until someone else tells me it’s a good idea
A: Over-research to buffer making tough decisions (based on the premise that these are hard decisions I guess)
A: Spin in confusion until my next coaching session (is this another model because of confusion?)
A: Come to session with lots of research I’ve collected, somewhat expecting the coach to regurgitate it bac to me to make sense of it all/piece it akl together for me

R: I don’t allow myself to get clear or make decisions.
R: I don’t decide on my ideal client and target market.
R: I delegate all my decision-making power to my coach(es) or anyone I can bounce ideas off of.
R: I don’t take full responsibility for making big decisions in my business.
R: I don’t step up as the leader/CEO of my company.
R: I don’t give myself permission to make decisions.
R: I discredit all of my own original ideas until someone validates them. (is this an action?)
R: My business doesn’t move forward.

C: same
T: I make it the right decision by just choosing one and running with it.
F: Confident

A: Gather adequate information enough to make a call/educated guess, but
A: Not over-research to buffer and delay making decisions
A: Don’t wait until my next coaching session to make progress
A: Trust that I”ll make the decision the right decision
A: I don’t indulge in confusion and information overload

R: I make progress in my business with or without a coach.
R: I take charge of my business’s growth and progress.
R: I decide on my ICA and target market.

If I had to guess, I’m buffering and delaying making a decision because I’m afraid of committing to just one thing. Like, what if I leave something important out of my niche that I realize later on I really wanted to focus on? The answer to that would be that my future self beats up my past self for not thinking of that. I think I have serious FOMO about it.

Would love some guidance on this. Thanks coaches!