Design a coaching niche and develop a package/offer

Hello I am currently in Coach Certification Program. I am coming up with a niche/offer/package (what is the difference of these?) as I need clients for practice, and want to practice making offers for my business down the road.
I want to offer something around ‘work stress’ but I feel this is a therapy term. I am not sure if I should use the term ‘burnout’ as it seems so terminal to me, or if there is a term between these two. I like productivity and am open to any suggestions.

I want to offer a package around improving/maxing productivity with less stress (due to time/workload, paperwork, colleague relationships) working in an office environment.
I offer: getting all your work done on time, even with interruptions; not being the only one doing all the work, don’t let people walk all over you, feel like going home and spending time with your family. My ‘tag line’ if I were to use one, would be ‘feel excited/have energy to go to the gym at the end of your work day’

I completed the niche worksheet but am not sure where ‘work stress’ fits in to health/wealth/relationships.
My first sub market is burnout if I was going with that term, my 2nd is healthcare work environment as I have a healthcare background, although I don’t really want to narrow down to that. Google terms for me would be: work stress, my supervisor is a jerk, I don’t have enough time/my work is never finished, I do all the work.

I have a 4 week, 1 session per week initial offer after a free consultation. It’s 4 weeks/$400, 8 weeks/$700, 12 weeks/$1000. I am also not sure if it should be per session or per issue (how?) as I don’t know enough about the process yet.

I would love to get your feedback as I am just starting to play with all this, it is very exciting!