Desire and inspiration around my current business is waning

I am a holistic health coach, and currently in Stacey Boehman’s 2K program to enhance my sales and marketing skills.

I have always wanted to be a therapist, go back to grad school, and get my masters. I finally admitted this to myself, and discussed it aloud in a coaching session. I feel like I have been dancing around grad school for 20 years, getting smaller certifications, etc rather than committing to the bigger financial and time pieces of a graduate program.

But I felt an immense sense of peace, in just saying “I really want to be a therapist.” That’s partially because I resisted my desire to go back to school for so long, because of money and time scarcity beliefs.

But right now is not the best time to go back to school, as I am the primary breadwinner of my family. We have one toddler and a baby on the way in Feb 2022 🙂 It’s OK that right this red-hot minute is not the time to commit to a grad program. So, I am holding space for finally admitting this is my desire, and also that I am not going to change anything big based on it right now.

But in the meantime I am having a lot of feelings of “being over” my current business. Like I am so tired of marketing and sales. If/when I am a therapist and can accept insurance I will no longer have to convince people of the value to pay out of pocket for my services.

When I am a therapist I will still incorporate all the holistic and nutritional, and herbal solutions into my treatment plans. So it behooves me to stay committed to this. I just feel burnt-out. I would also love to work for an organization rather than being a solopreneur as I get a LOT of energy and inspiration from working groups and as a team. I am starting a group program for my clients in October, so that might scratch that itch.

Here’s my model and I feel stuck.

C -current health coaching business
T- I am over this. It is too much hustle. I have to do it all myself. Business is so erratic.
F- Tired, Stuck
A- Daydream about being a therapist who takes insurance, daydream about working with an organization, but worry now is not the right time for a huge change, wonder if I can make good money in my current business.

I know there is a lot up there. Too many thoughts and feelings in one model. I am just in this loop and need some clarity.

These are feelings I would like to have : clarity, confidence, security, stability.

Thoughts that create those feelings for me could be:
My business is growing and may be evolving more eventually, and that is great.
I am in a good spot now and always growing.
I know what I want and am moving towards it.
My business is unique and exciting.

Any direction here. This is loaded and feels tangled up to me! Thank you.