Desperation and helplessness about my business

I’m feeling hopeless about my coaching business. Here’s the story:
I got my first certification (yes, have more than one) in 2016. I didn’t get serious until 2018 after moving to USA from Brazil. I joined a mentoring group for entrepreneurs based there, SCS, 2k for 2k, got the certification from LCS.

I was targeting Brazilians clients, but it’s not working. I failed to get clients after 18 consults (counting the ones I had last year and this year). I am burning out too quickly and too often. I’m getting desperate because I think this will never change. Consult after consult it’s the same thing: my coaching program is too expensive. People consume my podcasts, my posts, my lives, but nothing changes in this past 3 years. “I’m sick of trying. I’m probably not cut out for this coaching career. No one wants to coach with me.” Are the constant thoughts I’m having trouble managing. Please help, I want to learn how to manage these emotions. Thank you 🙏