Five years ago I stopped working in my corporate job due to burn out after my first child was born. I then had my second child and started my own business in a completely different field as a children’s music teacher. In the ensuing years I did a lot of work on myself and decided seriously 1.5 years ago that I wanted to become a coach and have been working on this as a side gig whilst still looking after my two young kids and my very small music business. I am currently winding down my music venture (which I feel good about) in order to focus on the coaching business. The problem is I have invested a lot of my savings into the coaching business with zero return to date. Funds are running out fast. My husband who has been very supportive to date is now questioning whether it will ever amount to anything. He has given me a deadline of June to get some income from coaching or go back to a ‘proper’ job. I am resigned to the fact that I will need to work in order to have funds to invest into my business but at the same time worry that if I work I won’t have sufficient time to work on building the business. What are your suggestions to start getting some income coming in at the early stages before the brand and reputation are built? I just need to show myself and my husband that my people are willing to pay for this kind of help. I know my niche and have a small list and Facebook group. I don’t expect huge financial results yet but I really would like to have something to show for my hard work and dedication to date and something to show my husband and to build on. I am feeling desperate and a bit lost whilst at the same time know that I can do this but need to get some money coming in now.