Detaching self-worth from Cs, As and Rs

Hi coach, hope you’re well.
I’m having a hard time processing this model for the past week.

C: started coaching business in 2017, made 0 dollars, making offers today
T: I’m good for nothing
F: useless (worthless)
A: don’t offer, keep bringing myself down, don’t show up on social media, don’t post, watch k-dramas Netflix, “take a buffering break” – walks, run, eat, look at recipes for food
R: I did nothing good for my business

This model is very automatic and I’ve been struggling with it for the past week. I’ve noticed that feeling with different circumstances. My question is How can I move past the entire mindset? This is only 1 of pages of thoughts I have that created this scarcity driven mindset. It feels so intense and heavy that I just want to cry when I think about me in relation to my business. Thank you 🙏