How do I determine whether I could be a competent coach?

I am not yet consistent or strong in thoughtwork, but I am getting there over time.

There are a couple places I would like to bring CTFAR
One is for disadvantaged teens and young adults
Another is for professional women in male dominated professions who need to get their thinking and feeling right in order to fulfill their dreams in highly competitive and unsupportive environments.

I don’t yet believe it is possible to develop contribution around these areas, but I suppose I could believe so with proper thoughtwork and business coaching.

I suppose one thing I could do is decide this is what I want to do, and then create a path for me to fulfill it?

-start with self coaching (good luck, this is such a challenge)
-get competent and confident at self coaching (2-3 years)
-organize and hone my understanding around the challenges of these target groups (same 2-3 years)
-develop CTFAR skills around these issues – possibly through volunteerism and business networking
in parallel- really working to understand their issues
-develop skills around communication and web-based communication

then all the business stuff

what are your thoughts here
Many thanks