Determining money goals

Hi, I’m new to Scholars and need help figuring out what my money goal should be. I have my own marketing company just me and a few freelancers I use. I typically have been making about $130,000 a year not growing very much year to year but holding steady considering I have 3 kids. Now my husband lost his job due to covid so his $120,000 salary is gone. He has been looking but no job so far. We feel if he joins me in my company we could grow my business but since I work with hotels, covid has affected my business too. What is a reasonable goal to make a month now? I’m afraid to aim too high but afraid if I aim too low then I automatically feel depressed and defeated like we will never make enough to be comfortable in NJ with 3 kids. So I’m frozen and non productive. What is an adequate time frame to give this a shot working together to see if we can make enough to be ok? These are all things that are causing me anxiety….