Developing a Coaching Program

Hi Brooke,
You have changed my life! Just saying!

OK. Here’s my question. I think I know the answer but I just want to make sure. The non-LCS coach training I’m receiving as well as the coaching I’ve received before SCS never utilized a “program” model. The focus is on showing up each session and talking about what’s not going well in your life that day. All of this seems to be couched in the idea that the client is in charge and should be choosing what the topic is each time. You advocate something very different, which feels to me like a course in a way, where the coach is teaching concepts and then, as a part of that course, providing one-on-one coaching on those specific concepts each week. I love this model as it’s so clear cut, gives the client results each session, and gives me (as the coach) a lot of structure for each of the sessions of the program. I can see how after being coached through a six-week program (course) then the client might continue possibly with that more “traditional” coaching I described first (although I know you have suggested just keeping developing more and more advanced programs to feed folks into).

Is how I’m describing a program correct? If so, are we entering into the relationship with the client on a little bit of a different footing, with being a teacher being as or more important as being a coach? I think what’s maybe hanging me up is that I feel like a lot of information on coaching emphasizes the client being in charge — it being their agenda. I may be taking that way to literally and too far but just wanted to take the chance and get your feedback.