Developing an offer and marketing

I have a private therapy practice of 21+ years as a Clinical Social Worker. I am an independent contractor within a group practice. The only marketing I’ve done (beyond my good reputation) is through networking with physicians and some community presentations at the beginning of my practice. Yup, 20 years ago.

I want to establish more independence from insurance company reimbursement as my income has been stagnant for many, many years. My practice is full with a long wait list. I am interested in learning the marketing aspect and want to know if there is a course for this in the vault and if so, where should I look? I began exploring the Entrepreneur class but wondered if that was the place to start. I don’t have a business presence with social media, I am profiled within the website of my group practice and have not developed a scheduling or payment process separate from the group.

At this time I plan to continue with this group to provide therapy as I build my coaching practice. I think that I’d like to establish my coaching practice separately. I currently pay 33% of my billable receipts to overhead. This covers office space, reception, scheduling, billing and utilities.
My second question is around developing an offer. I have 3 individuals that I have been coaching as part of my certification requirements and would like to make an offer to 2 of them. I initially thought I’d set my price at the highest level I am paid by insurance ($156) but this seems to be connected to my underearning mindset. Can you help me with that as well?