Dialing in my niche: Part 2

I’m making my way through the 100K Workshop and would love some feedback on my niche – much like the participants of this workshop received. I submitted my first attempt on 11/1/21 and below is after some edits based on the feedback I received.

Individuals who are married and are also parents. They have been unhappy and lonely in their marriage and have been considering leaving that relationship for more than a year. They feel stuck and unable to decide because they can’t see any avenue that leads to happiness. Either they stay and remain miserable or they leave and traumatize their kids for life. Staying feels less selfish so that’s where they’ve remained….but they’re dying just a little on the inside every day and know things can’t go on like this. They feel like they have tried EVERYTHING already, but in reality, the only thing they’ve tried is to get their partner to change. They are successful: good career, good income, house in a nice neighborhood, etc. so part of their struggle is the belief they have the “dream life” and they “should” just be happy.

I’m going to help them to finally make the decision and move on with their life – without guilt or regret. To feel good about their decision and believe it was the best decision. To make that decision without having to change anyone else. This comes through building self-integrity, self-confidence, self-trust, and self-love. I have a 5 step process:
1. Know Thyself: Understand your needs, values, and current time-priorities
2. Be Willing: To question everything you think you know, to feel all the feels, to let other people be who they are
3. Build Trust: Hear your inner voice, be your best supporter, create boundaries, do what you say you’ll do
4. Create a Vision: There are no rules, Future you, Believing new things, Letting go of the old beliefs
5. Execute a Plan: Goals, Intentional Time Priorities, Evaluations
My package is 6 months of weekly, 50 minute sessions for $3000
It’s a no brainer because the whole time they’ve been thinking they have to change their partner and their attempts are failing miserably. This gives them the possibility of being happy by focusing on what they CAN control. Then, from there, they can still decide if they want to stay or go.

This is my story. I know what they’re going through, made my decision and never looked back with guilt or regret. I know what is needed to make confident decisions and I have a process that teaches them how to do it. My personality is compassionate, fun, and friendly, but I’ll also tell it to you straight. I’m on your side and part of being on your side means I have to show you parts of yourself you don’t always want to see.

Thanks for your feedback!