Did I Add Too Much?

I recently quit my one on one clients to grow an online business with all of my teaching on the internet. I have a very successful and popular in person group class that is almost at maximum capacity. After I quit the one on one clients I added extra classes and a retreat that have not filled up like I wanted. I am also trying to focus on my finishing my online course. Plus I am starting a podcast. I feel like I added too much, but also like I should see the retreat and extra classes all the way through even though I am going to have to spend much more time and energy marketing them than I originally planned. When I think the thought “I should have focused on the online course and not screwed myself over by adding so much” I get very discouraged and disappointed in myself. I am having trouble coming up with a new thought to motivate me to be excited and determined to have a successful class and retreat. Thanks for the help!