Difference between Life Coach vs Business Coach


I used to be a webmarketing teacher and now I am getting certified as a Life Coach. I just struggled in my call with my client.

My client is a freelancer. I help her with the tools of the Life Coach School. I also help her with her business with my teacher skills.

I was coaching her on her mindset and she suddenly said she wasn’t making any contract with any of her clients. She wasn’t even signing estimates before starting to work for them, and now she has 2 clients that don’t want to pay her and she has no proof that she worked for them.

I struggled because I stopped the exercise to make a business point on “the importance of protecting ourselves and our activity”. I wondered afterwards if saying that was to have an agenda for her business.

I struggle to know if a business coach is supposed to give advice or not. I feel that my sessions aren’t structured and that it is all too mixed up. I worry it might be confusing for my client.

I am always asking myself, am I giving advice? Am I having an agenda by telling her what to do with her business?

So how do you separate the 2 coaching activities? How do you keep your sessions crystal clear?

Thank you so much!