Difficulty transitioning from one-by-one sessions with clients to offering a program.

I am a health coach and have been seeing clients for 4 years. My business is successful and I am fully booked! I have always taken sessions one-by-one with clients, as that is what they are most willing to commit to. But it feels like extra work for me (I am exhausted keeping up with where each person is in their health journey, at each session). I have worked on my offer a la Brooke’s Double your Business advice. Clients are somewhat interested in the offer (I am still adjusting it), but they always default to just choosing the one-by-one sessions. I think it feels like less of a financial commitment to them. So I am having trouble shifting to doing my program.

Should I begin to offer ONLY my program? That sounds amazing and I think people would actually be more successful.
But I am worried that I’d lose most of my clients! Many of them are referrals from therapists and we do “nutrition and lifestyle for mental health”. Those referrals sometimes have trouble paying and don’t want to commit to multiple sessions. Perhaps I have 2 programs: one for my main clients and an abbreviated offering for mental health. That actually feels good.

Thank you for any guidance. I’m seeing that my thought that I’ll lose my clients is preventing from taking the leap to offering my program(s).