disagree with partner re: target market

Thank you for the business Q&B area!!!

My husband is my business partner. I’ve been in SCS since September and he has gotten motivated by seeing me actively apply what I’m learning to our business. So that’s awesome. He got on board with the impossible goal for 2018 and we decided to double our revenue in 2018.

We’re in our 7th year of business, grown entirely by word of mouth. Now that we have this huge goal we want to do marketing and that means defining our niche & target market but we can’t seem to agree on how broad or narrow to make it. We do agree that what we do best is aesthetic pruning of trees and woody shrubs that is more in the realm of ART than landscaping. Nobody in our area does the quality of work we do. Nobody charges as much as we do. We’re pretty comfortable with that. We live near some affluent areas that have untapped potential, so as far as math goes we should have no problem meeting our goal.

Here is my version of what I think our target market could be (and it actually describes a few of our favorite clients):

affluent homeowners
over age 50
who live within a 10 mile radius
with property valued at $750K or higher
whose house and lawn is already well maintained
who want to highlight the individual character of their specimen shrubs and trees
who want their landscape to look as attractive in winter (when the branches are bare) as in summer
who want hassle free maintenance
and consistent, reliable service
by professional, highly-skilled workers
who are willing to answer their questions, solve problems, and suggest improvements

Is this too specific?