Disappointing coaching experience

There was a business coach that I had been following for 7 years, listening to his podcast etc. This summer, he was offering a 6-month group coaching program, including weekly group coaching calls with him. It was a significant financial investment for me, but it felt worth it to help me with my business goals.

4 and half months into my 6 months, he announced that he was ending the group. When members 6 months ended, they couldn’t renew. Not everyone joined at the same time, so I would be one of the last members.

Another of the members asked his VA if she could sign up for extra month since she knew I would be there all of December. His VA said there wouldn’t be any calls in December because of his travel schedule.

I contacted him directly and asked about the December schedule and he said there would be calls in December.

However, I have shown up for the calls, and he’s been a no-show. Today I left a message after waiting for 15 minutes for the call to start, and he said he is very busy and there are only 2 people left in the group and so the calls fell through the cracks.

Personally, if people had paid me, I would have either refunded them or attended the calls or at least let them know there wouldn’t be one. I feel disappointed. It’s a strange way to end a coaching package…to just let it fizzle out.

It feels as if I say something it wouldn’t end well. I don’t want an argument with him, because I have admired him for so long. So I feel I have to be grateful for the help and advice I did gain in the first 4.5 half months. It seems he lost interest after that.

I guess I am conflicted. On one hand I got lots of value, on the other, I would have gotten lots more value and made more progress if he had fulfilled everything he said was included in the package. Not just the calls there were other things too, like reviewing your website, etc. that didn’t happen.