Disappointment with new social media manager

I hired a new SMM. She was a referral to me. It’s my first time working with one. I interviewed several. I asked a lot of questions about her experience in the area of my ICA, how she chooses which pages to comment on, how she creates the copy on my posts etc. She relayed that she has experience in this target market but in different industries. I gave her a lot of my content for review so she understood my voice. I filled out her forms fully – she commented on how much she appreciated that.

She sent me the first month’s posts for review. I was surprised by how many comments I had, but after managing my thoughts I was ok with it. Idea is that with good feedback she’ll just get better at understanding my brand and voice. I gave her constructive feedback, she took it and tweaked things.

Today I went on instagram to see the other accounts she’d interacted with and what she’d said. I was highly disappointed. I’m second guessing that she put forth herself as knowledgeable in my ICA. She picked accounts to comment on with 1300 followers or less, she made 4 comments in 10 days, she made comments that are not in line with my brand.

I am in a 3 month contract with her. I want to be direct. No drama. Give her feedback so she has a chance to overhaul what she is doing. But I’m disappointed and that’s where I’m coming from right now. I’d like to clean that up so I can come from a helpful/constructive place and make the most of the next 3 months to see if she improves. If not, part ways.


C SMM’s instagram posts on others’ accounts on my behalf
T This is not in line with my brand, voice or ICA
F annoyed
A swirl in T’s about disappointment, get annoyed with myself that I trusted that she was knowledgeable about this ICA, write an email – direct but professional – but with disappointment showing
R ?


C SMM’s instagram posts on others’ accounts on my behalf
T I made a mistake hiring her
F frustrated
A beat myself up, think about how I could have realized this before hiring her, think about how to get the most from these 3 months and then walk away
R ?

For an IM what I’d like is that she posts on my behalf in a manner in line with my brand and voice. But I can’t have her R in my model.


C SMM’s instagram posts on others’ accounts on my behalf
T This is a good learning opportunity to help her learn more about my brand and voice
F neutral? (enthusiastic? curious?)
A I explain clearly and neutrally what is and is not a good fit, I suggest ways that she can understand my ICA better, I ask to see comments/accounts before posting for a few weeks until I am comfortable
R ?

Her model (the one I’d like her to have 🙂 )

C My client gave me this feedback….
T I can use her comments to improve my work (?)
F curious
A learn more about her ICA, research accounts with her ICA, propose suggested accounts and posts that are more in line with her ICA, ask for feedback so I can learn
R I understand my client’s brand and voice better and create posts/comments in line with that

Can you help me with the above? Thank you!