Discomfort of Growth

I’ve been buffering a lot since I decided to start a business, and when I did a thought download,  a lot of things came up. I am doubting myself a lot, looking for outside solutions and I am running away from discomfort. I already have an idea of what I need to do, but I want you feedback in case I missed something.

OK – so instead of posting this to ask the coaches – let me answer this one myself: How do I learn to lean into the discomfort of growth and doubt that comes with starting a new business?
I start noticing when I want to buffer – what is happening, why do I want to
eat when not hungry,
scroll when I am not “scheduled to” or when not connecting,
watch k-dramas when its not planned
– what is going on in my mind all these times? How about I process that urge to do those activities, without judging myself for wanting them. OK, I want them but I don’t need to do them. What Fs and Ts are behind the want?
– It is normal to experience discomfort during growth. Sit with the discomfort, process the emotion – it will teach you something.

Question 2  What I would want to ask right now is how do I just allow it – the urge to buffer? I experience it in my body. It is just an urge – I can feel it and not act on it. I can do a thought download, or I can just sit with it and feel it until it goes away – because it will go away.