Disconnect between lots of people clicking on my ads, but not a lot signing up for consults

All righty, coaches….I have made a ton of progress on my Facebook/Instagram ads. I finally figured out how to target the women I can help and am starting to see some traction. The grind of figuring that out actually is helping me understand my audience and their needs. There have been many thought downloads and gold mining of my brain to get here. I am starting to enjoy the puzzle of this and enjoy figuring out what this can do next.

I know something is really working with how I am wording my ads, because they have a link click-through rate of 40-80 percent. According to the internet, this is good. (?) I A/B tested three different ads and then tested the winning ad on about 6 different audiences. But, out of the 52 clicks to my website from these ads since April 9, I’ve had only two reach out for consults. So there are 50 women who are not reaching out for consults between the point of clicking through to my website and then leaving my website. My Facebook/Instagram ad copy and even some of the images are taken from the website and landing page content, so I am scratching my head.

I’m going through the Rick Mulready Facebook Ad fundamentals course; a lot of it will be more useful later once I have built up more of an audience. This phenomenon is not explained in his course.

Anything else I should read or consider that I am missing?