I’m working on monetizing my blog and building a printable shop on Etsy.

I’m working through my 25 fails, but my thoughts are making me feel a bit discouraged right now. Here’s my model:

C-Made $10 from printable sales since January
T-This is never going to work for me
A-Look to others for answers – buy classes; tell myself I need to be doing more; don’t spend “Focus Time” truly focused
R-Don’t make money with printables/blog

Can you please help me process this? Thank you!

Let’s start by looking at your circumstance as completely neutral. 

The representation of $10 is an agreed upon system of exchange of value. It is simply math.

Notice that your brain likely thinks that if there were a few zeros added to $10 and the circumstance was actually $10,000, that it would be better.

$10, $10,000, $10,000,000 are simply digits. They are numbers that exist in the world.

Why are you choosing to discount yourself, your goals, and your vision by seeing this circumstance as negative?

The result you create in your model is that YOU don’t work for YOU. You block your own genius!