Do Cold Calls Ever Work?

Hi Brooke-

I coach real estate agents on how to create a successful life and business. I have been an agent for 14 years. Anyway, I am trying to grow my list and I heard you mention that you might have to talk to 1000 people to get 100 clients. It got my wondering if cold-calling agents (that I don’t know) and telling them about my coaching offerings would be a good use of time? I’m working on launching a podcast which I know will help bring in clients, but I wanted your opinion on making calls. I will also be using Facebook Ads and IG, but there are a lot of agents that don’t have a lot of time for social media because real estate can be all-consuming.

If you do think that making calls would be a good use of time, do you have any tips for a quick “elevator pitch” to use in these calls?

Thanks again for all that you do! Also, I am loving the new SCS app!