Do Goals with MLM

I am currently in Network Marketing / MLM. Can you help me create some “do goals?” I want to hit top rank in my company this year. But I also want to build a sustainable business that I love. Currently, many of the leaders in this profession will instruct others to use methods I do not want to use. Private messaging all day, living on your cell phone, spammy posts that have no value, etc. I am not interested in any of these methods. Barf. I realize I can create the business I want, but I am struggling to know what consistent actions to take daily? Since this business is all about “duplication”, I have yet to see other methods successfully implemented and taught to others. So essentially, I would be “blazing the trail”…. which is totally fine by me! I’d love to show others a better way. I just seem to be stuck on the HOW.

Also, Hitting top rank in my company has only been achieved by about 100 people so I am finding this could be contributing to a limiting belief I have as well.

I want to create irresistible offers, but feel limited as the product we have is the product we have to work with…. so it is almost like offering the same package over and over and over. I go back and forth between continuing network marketing and doing my own thing (which I realize isn’t helping).

But for whatever reason, I still have a big pull to achieve this goal first before moving on to a different business model.

Thank you for any help/suggestions/ideas.