Do I concentrate on my FB Biz Page or my FB Group?

Hi fabulous coaches.
I have been struggling with this concept for so long.
I started up a FB Biz Page about a year ago. I have grown it to almost 3000 followers. Obviously with FB’s algorithms, I don’t reach everyone with each post, BUT I love that I can reach an even bigger audience through FB Ads.

However.. In Aug last year I decided to start up a FB group so that I could get more intimate with ladies that choose to be more engaging and personal.

I grew the group to just under 500 ladies very quickly. And in the beginning it was buzzing!
Then I realized that if my audience didn’t engage with the group, they didn’t get notifications at all…
And with a group I have no way of reaching the rest of the audience through some kind of post boost/ad.
Also, if I do a really fabulous FB live and I have a lot of interest and engagement, I can’t use the video for reaching more people through an advert.

I started shifting my focus back to the FB page where I not only posted something every day, but I also started doing FB live video’s, which I would sometimes boost with an ad to reach more people. This is how I got my very first 6 month client in January.

I can sometimes get 50-100 organic likes on a post. Far more than the group would get.

I am now kind of between 2 worlds.
When I share the live video from the page to the group, hardly anyone watches. I’m sure this is a FB algorithm thing.

This last week I have been wondering again if I shouldn’t focus more on the group. Start reviving it again. Do some hardcore coaching in the group.
It feels as if the group is far more personal.
I want to set a goal of getting more coaching clients, but I feel as if I am spending my time, trying to figure out which option will be the one that serves me best.
I keep feeling as if I don’t have all the facts on either to get the greatest benefits.
Dividing myself between the 2 takes a lot of time and energy.
Is it silly to have both running??

I really hope all this rambling has made some sense.

Thank you so much for your support