Do I focus on the parent or the student when creating my offer?

TARGET MARKET: Homeschooling moms who value writing but aren’t teaching it well and have an elementary/middle school child/ren enrolled in a public charter school.

PROBLEM I SOLVE: Mom feels she isn’t qualified or can’t teach good writing. She doesn’t know what grade-leveled writing should look like for her child. She and her child fight over this topic, or she avoids teaching it, instead, she may tell her child to “journal” each day. She is not providing core-standard writing instruction, and she knows it is important and valuable for her child’s future academic success. Her child hates writing or believes he or she is not good at writing.

SERVICE: Semester of writing classes – synchronous/asynchronous instruction that meets the required academic writing standards for third through eighth grade. Personal review/feedback on child’s monthly, final essay. Online community of peers who share a piece of their work in a monthly Showcase.

My question is in regard to the offer. I’m thinking I should just try them all and see which one converts best. But, my overall question is…

Since the parent is purchasing the program, should my offer focus on the result SHE will get?

-Stop worrying. Your writing lessons are done for Spring 2021.
-The fighting can now end. Imagine your child delighting in writing instead.
-You’re not alone any longer. Together we can learn and laugh our way through the spring semester.

Or, should my offer center on the result her CHILD will get?

-Watch your child write his or her three best essays EVER in just a few short months.
-Let’s make sure your child is prepared for the next grade level.
-Want to see your child score at or above grade level on this year’s CAASPP performance task?
-Building a confident and independent writer is easier than you think.

Thank you! I appreciate your time.