Do I need a niche or do I just need clients?

Hi, I am just starting out as a life coach. Therefore, I’m new to the industry as a coach. I’ve never even had my first client or coached anyone. Only informally and they never really knew that I was truly “coaching” them.

My background is in marketing and graphic design. I’m very creative in how I think and I’m also a fantastic artist. This being said, I can see how some of my skills could be translated into a niche. Such as “I coach people on how to think creatively” or “How to teach people to trust themselves to be creative and create the life they want”. But never having coached anyone before, I’m not positive I should niche yet. I feel as though I should try to just get clients and see what falls in my lap or what clients I tend to enjoy coaching.

The people who mainly come to me for guidance now are other female entrepreneurs.

So, should I not niche?