Do I need to narrow my niche even more?

I’ve been an executive coach for the past 8 years (coaching leaders within organizations). 3 years ago I launched my own brand of life coaching and it’s doing ok (I’ve faced lots of resistance and fear that I’ve been overcoming, and I’m currently moving into my next level). I offer two products: one-on-one coaching and a course/group coaching program I designed. My course is called an Extraordinary Life and in it I teach about managing your thoughts and connecting to your feelings, getting clear on the vision for your life, etc.

My target market are women who speak Spanish, who are ambitious and have big dreams, and are leaders (within their own biz or corporation). As I was looking at the worksheet of narrowing your niche, I’m wondering if I need to narrow it even more. My problem fits into all three categories – people within my programs improve their health, wealth and relationships. I feel a lot of resistance to narrow it to only to one of these three categories because I don’t want to teach about health, wealth or relationships, I want to teach about mindset, and getting to know themselves so they can be even better leaders. Plus, I chose the Spanish market because there’s a big void for life coaching and leadership stuff in Spanish. My clients have launched businesses, lost weight, broke up relationships, created better relationships, received promotions, etc as a result of going through my programs.

Thoughts? Do I need to narrow my niche even more?