Do I promote 1:1 coaching OR my group coaching?

I have been doing online coaching for over 1 year now. My niche is “Breakup With Binge Eating” and promote in the bariatric community as well as mainstream. Currently I am working with someone who is masterfully creating a new sales funnel for me and he suggests my high ticket program is at minimum $3,000 (currently it is $1,500) and I totally get the higher price reasoning and I do wonder about getting that much to be honest. Not really the question here though. A few months ago I created a 30 Day program (Breakup With Binge Eating as well) that I have promoted and my new marketing guy is telling me I am basically competing with myself. That totally makes sense to me. My question is, which direction do I go? Which program do I promote? The obvious answer is, which one brings in the most money or has the higher potential. I really do like the idea of many members for a lower fee ($49 per month) than 1:1 coaching. OR, promote the group (it’s a monthly subscription) at a higher and a side note, they can coach 1:1 with me. I know this question is all over the place and that is exactly how I feel about this.
Break it down:
1:1 coaching $3,000-currently I am charging $1,500 and with coaching I believe I can ask for the higher price-promoting through Facebook ads
30 Day Program:
30 daily emails, private Facebook group and 1 hour live call per week-$49 per month, currently charging $29-promoting on my business page-I am willing to increase this price too

Any advice/suggestions welcome!
Thank you so much.