Do I wait to finish my first business venture before launching my next?

A) I am behind schedule on launching my short-term vacation rental business due to factors outside my control (COVID impact on travel, storms, contractors getting sick, nationwide material shortages, etc). I don’t know when my rentals will launch as I’m dependent on others outside the country to get things done and once they are launched, I don’t know how to estimate how long it will take to turn a profit. How do I simply remain focused regardless of delays as opposed to feeling like I’m under the gun and behind on the initial goals I set for my business?

B)In addition I would like to start my coaching business through launching my website, creating content and starting to market myself. I want to work on that from now so that I have time to grow the business and have that generate a second stream of revenue in place to enable me to quit my W2. I think it is best practice to not start one business venture until I have launched the other (rentals.) However with the delays on the rentals, I’m not sure when I will launch my coaching practice. I’m worried about making my second business launch dependent on my first with the continual delays. Starting my coaching business is exciting and new so I’m happy to take on the work to start it now. Then my brain worries about taking on too much at once and not having the bandwidth available for the unexpected hiccups with launching my rental business. Should I wait to finish one or if I can manage the workload start the second venture simultaneously?