Do you charge lower prices when you’re starting out?

My husband started a business having to do with a hobby he has been doing for 32 years, he knows the hobby inside and out, (remote control cars) ..

he goes to races just to be a presence there, sometimes he will race himself (and based on your advice he is going to go to more of them and build relationships at the races). He takes peoples remote control cars and “dyno tunes” their motors for them and these motors have been winning 1st and second places at big races. Many other companies out there do something similar but my husband also cleans them up and does extra maintenance that other companies do not offer, but I feel he may not be charging enough ($30 per motor but sometimes it can take him 3 hours to do each one)

He says “no one would pay more than $30” but thinks he needs to do this to get noticed so he can then raise his prices later … is this a good tactic? basically he is calling this his marketing… He knows so much about the hobby and goes around helping people with advice for free when he is at races.

My question is, based on your webinars, you say that you have to produce so much value for the money, but that apply here? 3 hours to make $30?