Does my niche actually need to be more specific?

Hello Brooke! I’m thrilled to be in SCS!! I’m a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner with a brand new practice. My current niche is women with period problems. Within that, women come to me wanting to focus on fertility, PCOS, or some symptom they believe is related to their cycle like migraines.

I see others in my field who are successful with a broad niche like “menstrual disorders” and I also see people who are successful with more specific niche’s like “fertility for women with PCOS.”

My question is, do you need to continue niching down as far as possible, or can you remain higher up with subniches?

I’m working on these model:
C: Considering niching deeper
T: People will question my authority when they learn that I have not personally overcome PCOS or fertility issues.
F: Fear
A: Remain in broad niche. Market services to women with period problems in general.
R: not many clients.

When I run a model with the above result as a circumstance I don’t think my niche is my problem so i’m unsure if I really need to niche further.
C: not many clients
T: I haven’t offered services consistently
F: disappointed in myself, unsure of my abilities
A: dither about target audience and software choices and funnels
R: not many clients!!!

So perhaps I’m using the ability to niche further as an excuse to keep procrastinating. Does it sound like I’ve interpreted this right?

My intentional model could be
C: Not many clients
T: I know exactly who my target audience is
F: Confident and clear
A: Write an email to my list, do a FB live, etc
R: Book a client!