Does my niche fall in to wealth, health, or relationships?

I coach working moms to be ridiculously successful fulfilled and balanced working for someone else.

I have five programs that help a working mom with mindset, vision, goals, success factors and the operational process to rearrange her life to create a life she loves.

The most requested module by my audience was the mindset course yet when I launched I struggled converting people and I think it may bc more people are willing to invest money in a program to help them make more money (in my case it would be like a course on how to get promoted in corporate) than on themselves and improving their mindset and in turn life.
Is a mindset course for non entrepreneurs limiting my conversion?
Should I make sure it always included an element of how to make more?
Health and relationships aren’t my sweet spot but designing a corporate career you love, finding balance, ending mom guilt, and increasing confidence and self-love is.