It doesn’t matter what you choose.

Hey Brooke,

I was planning my year out with possible promotions that I could do and all the things I’d have to take action on to make my 100k year happen.

From the beginning of this impossible goal work.

Some of my doubts and fears came from not believing it would work out for me Because I didn’t know whether I was going to quit my job. Also, I didn’t know where I was going to live.

I was so undecided about everything.

So I didn’t know whether to keep my job or to quit.

And I didn’t know whether to find my own apartment or move in to my boyfriends.

I had all these different negative thoughts about each choice.

Somehow it wouldn’t work out for me because either A)I’d not have the money for it or B) I wouldn’t have the space to actually work on my health coaching business.

My brain was all over the place with this.

Then I thought, “wait a minute, I have to believe that no matter where I live or job I have (or don’t have) — that I can make this happen regardless of my outside situation”

I thought “ohhhhhhhh duh. It doesn’t matter because either choice won’t change the fact that MY BELIEF is what will make it possible”.

So then I thought, “ okay, if you could make it happen no matter what choice you make — what would you choose?”

So then I decided I would KEEP my job a bit longer because I want to Make sure I can keep paying scholars and other things I’d like to keep paying. I also like my job and the perks I get.

Okay so that was decided.

Now came the living situation.

I love the idea of having my own little place.

My thoughts for that were “I can work on my business because I have my own space and quiet time”

So I was putting the idea of having my own place be the reason why I can build my business.

Which is funny because I have plenty of quiet time now and I struggle with follow through when it comes to business stuff.

So having my own place won’t cure that problem.

Just my own brain.

My reasons for not wanting to live with my boyfriend were so long.

– They’re bathroom is always a mess
– I wont have a quiet space
– The internet is hogged by everyone
– I’ll never have alone time
– I won’t have a desk to work in
– I’ll feel like I’m always walking on eggshells.

Blah blah blah LOL

So I made my brain think about HOW it would work if I really tried.

So I thought about the messy bathroom part and realized that if I cared about the bathroom being clean then I can just clean it myself.

I shouldn’t expect them to change just cause I want them to.

And then I thought about having a work space with alone time, working internet and quiet space.

So then I googled a bunch of places I could possibly do work at.

I came up with 8 places. HAHA.

And finally I had to remember that no one is responsible for how I feel BUT ME.

Then a funny idea came to me.

“Wow, this sounds like a place you can really get a lot of growth by working on your thoughts”

Haha so I choose the two things I didn’t think I’d choose.

Sorry, this was loooong. But I wanted to get all my brain work out there.

Now on to face the actual business drama. 😅

But that was an amazing thing to realize.

No matter what I choose, I can make anything possible.

The circumstance doesn’t matter.