Doing my first instagram live

Hi Brooke,

I’m so excited that I finally have the courage to do video, after 2 years if resisiting it.

I created my new program- which is around weight loss for women with PCOS and insulin resistance. Im doing instagram stories videos, blogging, and instagram lives to market it. The live is going to be a q&a where people write in questions ahead of time and also are able tonadk love.

My irrational fear is that im going to end up giving away whats in my program, and then if they sign up for the program its just going to be a repeat of what they got for free.

I know this is irrational and Ive been studying your model of lots of value ahead of time, but how would you work with this? Please help me let go of this irrational fear so that I can be of the greatest service!

Thanks so much!