Doing too much?

Hello coaches!

I’ve been a coach for about 4 years, and loving it and now I’m over the moon to be starting my LCS certification this month! I’ll admit, my Achilles heel is impatience and wanting to do it ALL! So here’s my question …

I am starting LCS this month, and I also do a quarterly launch for a course every quarter with the next one coming up next month. All the assets are in place, and all I need to do is market my free masterclass via FB ads, then show up to do the webinars. Is this crazy pants considering LCS is right around the corner? I keep hearing Brooke’s words echo in my ear … “Max out the Mini Sessions before focusing on one-to-many.”

Should I place focus on ONE thing — LCS and coaching my pants off to become a killer 1-1 coach, or is it feasible to sell my course and make offers for mini sessions at the same time?

Thanks for the help!