Doing what worked well again – in selling 1:1 program

Hi! I had previously been getting discouraged around selling my 1:1 program, thinking thought like, “It’s not feeling like it used to, It’s too expensive for people, It’s not as good as I thought”

These thought shad been creating feelings of discouragement and avoidance around selling.

But this AM on a consult, I really connected with a client. She was a great fit for the program. She was interested, excited, ready for transformation, etc”

I sold her on it easily, and we are both really excited to work together! This was such a fun, and refreshing experience. So much lighter, more hopeful, and empowered than I had been feeling.

I want to recreate this (over and over!). In order to do so, I’m thinking that I should wrote down all my thoughts about this client, my program, as we were talking about it, what made offering it to her so easy, why we had fun on our consult, etc….

Any other strategies, or things I can write about (over and over!! lol) to recreate this result????

Thank you!