Domain name .com or

Hey Brooke,

I’m launching a business with a friend called:
A little bit about our business: we bring in-person support to women (living in Sydney in their 30s who become 1st time mum) throughout the profound journey of motherhood to connect with their body, their emotions, their thoughts, their baby, embrace the change and live their best lives . Wholemama helps women feel good and be more positive, joyful and happy from pregnancy, birth to motherhood with the following offer:
– Prenatal and postnatal yoga classes (private and group classes)
– Birth preparation classes
– Birthing and Doula support
– Mama group coaching
– Life coaching during maternity leave and back to work
I’ve listened to your podcast “how to be a life coach” and you recommend having a .com as a domain name.
But the domain name isn’t available. As we do mostly in person (limited to australian market), is it ok to have a or do you recommend we change name until we find a domain .com available?

Thanks a lot for your answer