Done for you programs part 2

Hey Brooke,

So you asked what the content consisted of .

It’s content that has scientific studies attached it to it.

It’s all about behavior change and creating healthy habits which is my exact approach to health/weight loss.

I was interested in it specifically for that backup science.

I don’t know how to reach scientific studies and not in the place to hire someone to find the information on there.

I like the idea of having that research there as a way to build credibility/authority.

I also have this feeling like it will help me get started on what I’ve been putting off doing.

Here’s a thought about writing content.

– It’ll take me a long time to get done content done when I could be focusing on engaging with potential clients, working with clients and actually helping people rather than just trying to make things perfect and never putting it out there.

– it’s content I would’ve created anyway

Hmmm The thing is… I’m really considering buying it but I have a huge rush of guilt just thinking about it.

I don’t know… maybe I’m trying to do it to avoid doing the work.

But I also have a history of buying things and regretting buying them.

Like I just want to skip this whole part where I come up with all the content… feels like so much work and like I don’t know what I’m doing so why not buy from someone who does ?


I think I’m trying to buy my way to Confidence.

Now when I think about the guilt…

I think I’d feel bad because I’d possibly get praise for something that I didn’t create myself. Like I didn’t earn it.

I literally just brained dumped everything I was thinking😅.