Don’t like coaching clients late in the evening

I’ve been in business a couple years and recently re-niched and now do online coaching. I have a client who I’ve worked with in person before, and I offered to coach her for free/her be my beta tester. Because of her work schedule, the only time we are able to coach is at a 6:30 in the evening. I do not coach on Saturdays or Sundays, she and I tested Monday evenings which was the initially ideal day for me, but then she decided she would like to switch the evening because she is usually exhausted on Monday evenings.

So right now we coach from 6:30-7:30 every Tuesday evening. I usually work and take all my other calls (coaching or otherwise) M-F about 9:30-4:30.

I dread Tuesdays because I don’t like coaching in the evenings. I’m most productive and focused in the mornings and I work really hard, and by the time 4:30 rolls around, I’ve cranked it out all day that my brain feels fried. I’m not giving my best to her as her coach. I have tried working Tuesday mornings, taking the afternoon “off” to rest/do relaxing things, then picking back up in the evening to coach her, but even then I’m still feeling dread, mental fatigue, somewhat drained/not feeling energized. In comparison to normal coaching calls during the day which I really enjoy, I feel energized, focused, awake, alert.

There are certain aspects I can coach myself through on this, but at a certain point, isn’t mental fatigue just mental fatigue and I can just decide that I don’t like coaching in the evenings?

I still want to coach with her, and will probably continue to coach her “late” on Tuesdays until our coaching is up, but in the future I want to decide that I only do coaching calls during the days.

But then I also feel like that limits my potential clients in their times to coach with me, and that they either won’t coach with me/will drop out/quit because of my restrictive coaching call hours.

I think this scarcity thinking is not serving me and would like to take a closer look. Thanks coaches!